Designing windows and doors for your new home

At Super Windows, we design windows and doors with your needs in mind.

When choosing windows and doors for your new home, consider the types of windows that would make your home looks and feels exactly the way that you want. You need to think about the style, size, and colour as well as the function of your windows and doors, such as their ability to maximize your view, to give you extra space and to let in natural light.

Customize your windows to suit your style.

Glass Types

  • Low-E glass minimizes heat and cold transfer
  • Tempered glass decreases the chances of severe injury
  • Laminated glass reduces noise and prevents intrusion
  • Tinted or obscure glass increases privacy
  • Argon gas-filled glass enhances insulation¬† ¬†¬†

Muntin Bars and Grids

  • Muntin bars and grids sealed between the glass enhance the aesthetic exterior of your home.
  • Size of bars ranges from 5/8″ to 1-1/16″.
  • Shape can be flat or sculptured.

Colour Options

  • Our windows and doors are available in custom colours.
  • The colour coating provides outstanding adhesion and weather properties with a tough, smooth and uniform finish.

Better Ways to Conserve Energy.

Spacer Materials

Knowing the type of window spacer material being used on your insulating glass unit is essential. If you want to conserve energy, a warm edge spacer and duralite are highly recommended for your windows.

Warm Edge TGI Spacer is a type of material used to separate the panes of glass in an inulating unit. The edge becomes warmer due to the reduction in energy loss between the inside and outside of the window.

Duralite Spacer is a cost effective system that generates superior thermal performance of windows. Containing no metal, it reduces energy loss through the spacer, improves condensation resistance and protects windows from UV rays and water.