New windows are a great way to enhance the unique appearance of your home. At Super Windows, we offer a wide range of styles and designs to complement your lifestyle. Since it’s important to find the perfect windows for your home, take the time to familiarize yourself with the different styles of windows and their functions.

Super Windows Sliding Window A horizontal sliding window opens by moving to one side to let air in. For a double sliding window, both sashes are movable with one fixed sash. It’s a very popular choice as it is easy and quick to open especially over the sink or kitchen counters.

Super Windows Hung Window A hung window features a vertical slider that has one or more hanging sashes. The top sash is permanently fixed; it does not open or slides. This type of window is usually placed in the bathroom or bedroom windows.

Super Windows Picture Window A picture window is a large fixed window that has no opening or movable components. It is like a painting on your wall, allowing you to see the scenery outside and letting in the sunlight. It can be easily combined with other windows to provide some ventilation.

Super Windows Awning Window An awning window is designed with a hinge at the top and swings outwards from the bottom of the sash. It is opened with a hand crank, a push out lever. It is often placed high in the basements, allowing fresh air to enter even when it’s raining outside. Since the hardware does not fully open, it allows 50% ventilation.

Super Windows Casement Window A casement window has sashes that are hinged at the side, either left or right. Providing superior ventilation, the sashes open outwards like doors with a crank handle.

Super Windows Arch Window An arch window has a curved shape located at the top, making the window appears dramatic, sophisticated and elegant.

Super Windows Bay Window A bay window is a series of windows that extend outward from the outer wall of a house. It is usually located in the living rooms or master bedrooms, making the rooms spacious and bringing in lots of natural light.

Super Windows Bow Window A bow window is very similar to a bay window except that it is composed of four or more windows. The windows are joined at even angles, which allow an even curve to form.

Super Windows Rake Window A rake window has three different sizes, giving the window a unique, sophisticated style.

Super Windows Sliding Doors Sliding doors are perfect for any patio door or deck. They open by moving horizontally to one side. They give you a great view of the outside, save space, and allow lots of light and fresh air to come in.