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Super Windows Residential Vinyl Window and Door WARRANTY

This WARRANTY applies only to customers purchasing products at Super Windows.

*Super Windows Ltd. warranties any vinyl window or door parts that are found to be defective due to material or workmanship.

This WARRANTY Covers

√ 20 Years Warranty on Vinyl Frames
√ 20 Years Warranty on Insulating Glass Units
√ 5 Years Warranty on Labour
√ Transferability of Warranty*

This WARRANTY is only valid from the date of installation. It does NOT apply to:

Products which have been damaged due to improper installation installed by the customer or accident.
Destruction of products due to natural disaster, such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.
Products which have been damaged as a result of structural movement or product cleaning.
Products which have been removed from original installation location.
Products that have a liquid set film or plastic film applied to them, including customer-applied paint finishes.
Any inappropriate or unintended use of the products including, but not limited to, any commercial use.
Replacement labour costs.
* This Warranty comes into effect once the full balance has been paid.

* Warranty may be transferred to a subsequent owner by completing a form and submitting it to the company.

* Super Windows Ltd. reserves the right to explain the above warranty.